Get app reviews in Microsoft Teams

Connect allstarsbot to Teams:
How to create an incoming webhook in Teams

Easy 2-minute setup:

To add an Incoming Webhook to a Teams channel, follow these steps:

  1. Open or create a new channel in Microsoft Teams
  2. Select More options ••• and click Manage channel
  3. In the Connectors menu click on Edit
  4. Search for Incoming Webhook and select Add
  5. Enter a name for this new webhook and click on Create.
    Optional: You can upload an image. Download the allstarsbot logo here.
  6. You will now see an URL that you need to copy.
  7. Paste this URL in the “Select your app” form (screenshot below) and click Submit.
  8. allstarsbot is now connected to your Teams account and the selected channel.
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