About allstarsbot

allstarsbot app review monitoring

About allstarsbot: Get all stars of your user reviews

allstarsbot is a review monitoring tool for Slack. AllstarsBot checks for new app reviews and sends them your Slack channel of choice. It works with all iOS apps from the App Store and Android from the Play Store.

Never miss a new review for your app again & monitor your competition.

Our goal is to be the one tool that businesses use to get all their reviews – aka all stars.

Why use a review monitoring tool?

  • Get reviews as soon as they are online.
  • Stop wasting time by checking manually for new user feedback.
  • Never miss a bad review again in your emails.
  • Share user feedback – the good, bad and ugly – with your team.
  • Spy on your competition and learn from their user feedback. What can you do better than them? What issues do they have?

We will add more review sources (Google Business, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot,…) and channels (MS Teams, email,…) by the of 2023.

Our customers about us

"We have app users all around the world and get new app reviews every day.
Instead of manually checking for new reviews, allstarsbot sends them in our Slack. Our customer support team can then decide if a response is needed.
We save a lot of time with this nice little Slack app and can respond much faster to any issues."
"We are thinking about developing an app for our job board. Before we jump in development, we monitor customers from similar job board apps to learn what we can do better.
allstarsbot is the perfect tool for that!"